YnM Weighted Blanket


 Weighted blankets can help improve sleep in a number of ways. The gentle, evenly distributed weight creates a calming and comforting experience to improve sleep. The YnM blanket is one of the top-rated choices on Amazon. It uses glass beads sewn into individual pockets surrounded by soft, light fiberfill to eliminate noise (while adding weight). The lightweight, breathable fabric adds comfort without excess warmth.

  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Natural approach to improve sleep
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Temperature control technology
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You’ll love the 7-layer system which provides comforting weight that forms around your body with more glass and less fiber. This 7-layer approach offers greater temperature control and even weight distribution. Weighted blankets (or gravity blankets) relax the nervous system by stimulating the feeling of being hugged or held.

The YnM Weighted Blanket is available in seven different sizes and weights to provide the best option for you. Choose a weight that is equal to about 10% of your body weight + 1lb. So if you weigh 190 lbs, the 20 lb blanket is the best option for you.



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