7 Reasons Why People Love Using Activated Charcoal

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Be it in foods, beauty masks, face creams, or even toothpastes and deodorants, activated charcoal has a ubiquitous influence.

Before the word ‘charcoal’ leaves you completely taken aback, you need to know that ‘activated charcoal’ is not the same as the charred pieces of rock used to make roads.



Activated charcoal is a black, fine, powdery substance that has long been used by doctors for detoxing overdoses.

In the recent times, it has gone extremely popular which primarily has to do with its excellent health properties. Let’s explore more –


1. Removes Toxins From Your Kidneys

The key to understanding how activated charcoal works lies in how it is made. This substance is made from exposing natural, charcoal-rich materials like coconut shells and sawdust to very high temperatures.

This frees its atomic bonding ability so that the charcoal can absorb toxins and gases, which are usually positively charged. As such, its absorption ability makes it a great natural cleanser.

A study found that activated charcoal is especially effective in removing toxins like urea from the kidneys. This detoxifies your kidneys and can help reduce inflammation as well as prevent cell damage to your kidneys.

Keep in mind that if you orally ingest activated charcoal, you need to be drinking lots of water, since it can easily dehydrate you.

So now you have another idea to detox besides cleansing via regular lemon water every morning.


2. Prevents Diarrhea

Natural chemical process activates the charcoal and leaves it with thousands of pores. This means that gases and waste produced by our body can get easily trapped in between these microscopic pores and leave our body.

Activated charcoal, thus, is a great, natural solution for those who suffer from gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and bloating caused by gas formation.

A study found that a teaspoon of activated charcoal before meals can provide significant relief to individuals who are regularly plagued with bloating and intestinal gas.

This is effective against diarrhea-causing bacteria as well. Two-five teaspoons of activated charcoal can prevent this bacteria from aggravating, thereby reducing discomfort.

Fortunately, activated charcoal seems to affect only the harmful bacteria in your microbiome and not the good bacteria in your gut.


3. Whitens Teeth

Activated charcoal is becoming a popular feature in both toothpastes as well as toothbrushes. The reason behind this trend is because of its dirt-absorption properties.

Rubbing activated charcoal over your teeth nullifies the bacteria in your mouth, and absorbs harmful germs present in the remnants of food. Activated charcoal is known to restore and adjust pH.

Also, Activated charcoal is antifungal and detoxifying in nature, which means it helps prevent harmful bacteria from causing cavities in your teeth.



Poor eating habits are taking a toll on teeth. Using activated charcoal every morning would subside fear related to dental health besides keeping teeth in fine shape. Find other anxiety reducing products here.

For a quick fix, you can use activated charcoal to whiten your teeth by dipping your brush in a pinch of activated charcoal and rubbing teeth thoroughly. Making it a habit will ensure your teeth stay shining and bright.


4. Good for Skincare

If you want to see visible signs of activated charcoal improving your health, carefully notice your skin from time to time. It starts glowing.

The detoxifying nature of activated charcoal means that you can use it as a cleanser for acne-affected areas. In fact, many ancient cultures have used activated charcoal made from coconut husk as a mild cleanser.

It absorbs dust and bacteria from the skin, leaving it fresh and rejuvenated. In addition, it gently exfoliates the skin and renews damaged cells. It is an effective healing agent to mild skin infections too.

The other healing properties include first aid mechanism by sterilizing open wounds and bruises.

Rubbing activated charcoal is even effective against more urgent issues, like a snake bite or rashes caused by poison ivy. It sucks away toxins from the affected area restoring balance and radiance to the skin.

These properties make a vial of activated charcoal indispensable to your skincare regimen.


5. Battles Body Odor

Our bodies are messy, which is why we produce a lot of unwanted odor. At some point in our lives, all of us have experienced bad breath or body odor.

This is mainly caused due to an imbalanced pH and bad bacteria that gets stored in our mouth and armpits. Most fresheners work by cascading this smell with a better, more desirable scent.

On the other hand, activated charcoal works by attacking the bacteria causing the foul smell itself. Unlike regular deodorant, activated charcoal does not block the sweat pores that help your body to detox.

Instead, it absorbs your sweat to keep your armpits dry. To fight bad breath, you can apply a pinch of activated charcoal all over your teeth and mouth.

Try it once and see for yourself.


6. Anti-Aging Agent

With time, our skin becomes wrinkle prone. It happens because the skin cells break down and are unable to regenerate the way they used to at a younger age.

Over time, our body gets exposed to a multitude of toxins and pollutants in the environment, which damages the skin cells from within.

This dirt accumulates and weakens the cell walls, which means removing them completely is the only way to prevent aging. Of course, it is not enough to merely use a chemical cleanser on your skin. This actually ends up dehydrating your skin.

The natural and better alternative to this is activated charcoal, which absorbs the microscopic toxins in your skin and leaves it brighter and rejuvenated.



You can use the ancient Egyptian and Ayurvedic recipe for mixing activated charcoal with aloe vera and honey. Apply it to your skin daily.

Alternatively, you can take an activated charcoal pill with water to cleanse your system from inside.


7. Helps Manage Cholesterol

If activated charcoal did not seem like enough of a panacea, it has one more quality that makes it especially suitable for your health.

Taking activated charcoal has been found to combat bad cholesterol that causes heart diseases.

Cholesterol, which is found in fried food and red meat, is absorbed by your liver during digestion and passed into your bloodstream. A clogged liver can then lead to a plethora of problems.

Studies found that when activated charcoal was administered to people with high cholesterol, it soaked up all the bad cholesterol to its surface, thereby preventing it from being transmitted from the liver to the rest of the body.

Not only does it reduce bad cholesterol by up to 25%, it actually even increases good cholesterol—which reduces heart disease risk—by up to 8%!

Those at heart disease risk often turn to this remedy after consulting with their doctors.


Final Words

If you are looking for a natural, healthy way of improving your physical wellbeing, it simply does not get better than activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is becoming increasingly popular because its effects are rapidly felt and have been scientifically proven.

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